About Us

Operaniyi Fx Copy Investment is a company that major in currency trading, training, as well as trade for others.

We design this programme majorly for the categories of people who are afraid to take risk or lack the knowledge to participate in the popular financial market (FOREX) and wanted to be earning steady income online.



If you would like to do business with us at “Operaniyi Forex Copy Investment”, you will get return on every capital you invest with us at the rate 10% per month + your capital, i.e at the end of every month you get 110% in total & 220% total per annum..


Let me explain this in more clearer way:
Now let’s assume you invest $500 with us, every month you will be getting $50 in your account...

if you invest $1000, you will be getting $100 in your account monthly...

if you invest $2000 with us, you will be getting $200 in your account monthly....
At the expiration of your portfolio(which will be determined by you), you will get your initial capital back into your account.

if you invest $4000 with us you will be getting $400 in your account monthly, either market is good or not, either we make profits or not, either we lose in forex market or not, all these are none of your business, you will continue to get your 10% monthly.